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Digestivo | Digestive
Hint Of Prickly Pear

A product that combines nopal, prickly pear, and probiotics to aid digestion.

Energía | Energy
Hint of watermelon, cucumber, & mint

A revitalizing drink that contains nopal, electrolytes, and green tea for energy.

Inmunidad | Immunity
Hint of pineapple, guava, & ginger

A beverage that boosts the immune system with nopal, ginger, echinacea, and dandelion.

Nopalogy Icons 0000 Layer 8

Plant Fiber Powerhouse for a healthy gut

Nopalogy Icons 0001 Layer 7

Essential Vitamins & Minerals for overall wellness

Nopalogy Icons 0002 Layer 6

Electrolytes to keep you charged up

Nopalogy Icons 0003 Layer 5

Antioxidant Boost to fight off those free radicals

Nopalogy Icons 0007 Layer 1

Heart Healthy for a strong and happy ticker

Nopalogy Icons 0006 Layer 2

Certified Gluten-Free, worry-free sipping

Nopalogy Icons 0005 Layer 3

Sustainably Sourced Nopal straight from the earth

Nopalogy Icons 0004 Layer 4

No Added Sugars, keeping it naturally sweet

Una Fiesta de Sabores

Our mission is to introduce the world to the incredible benefits of the sustainable nopal cactus, a superfood rich in vitamins, minerals, and antioxidants that promote overall wellness. We’ve crafted three irresistible sparkling waters, each infused with nopal cactus and paired with other botanicals, real fruit juices, and probiotics. No artificial or “natural” flavorings here—only the perfect blend of nutrition and refreshment to support your immunity, energy, and digestion…and palette!

Ready to taste all the benefits of Nopal Cactus in one irresistible can?
Nopalogy Sparkling Cactus Water
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